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Re: dualing banjos

Rick Younie wrote:
> [ Sent to Andreas but I probably should have sent it to the
> list.  Some other people might be scratching their heads over
> this thread.  I sure would be if it was in French and wouldn't
> understand a word if it was in German or Japanese. :) ]
> Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> > * marty macdonald (metsolutions@yahoo.com) [000912 22:52]:
> >> I mean, the whole thing here is to show the ultimate
> >> differences between the Linux kernel and the kernels
> >> found when using multiple banjos.  This research was
> >> supported by Dr. Rimulak in his infamous "Kernal VS
> >> Banjo - A Duality?".  This is a must read!
> >
> > I seem to have missed something. What is a banjo?
> >
> > I know banjos as instruments similar to guitars.
> >
> > Could someone enlighten me?
> A fellow mistakenly posted a request for sheet music to the
> song "Duelling Banjos" to this list and it took off from
> there.
> Probably doesn't make any sense to many non-native English
> speakers or those from different cultures but it really is
> hilarious.
The part that made it nice was that the OP mispelled "duelling" as
"dualing", playing right into my hands.

For the non-native English speakers:

(1) There is an instrumental called "Duelling Banjos", featured in the
movie "Deliverance".

(2) This guy wanted the sheet music, mispelling it "Dualing".

(3) "Duel" in English means "fight", but "dual" means "double", "twain",
or "paired".

So it was obvious to joke about Linux support for more than one banjo. 
It helps that the banjo is not only a musical instrument, but a
funny-sounding one with rural associations.

Funny how stuff isn't funny anymore once you explain it.  :-/

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