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Re: KDE2 - nice demolition job ...

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 01:52:36PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 04:39:33PM -0700, erik wrote:
> > I realize I stirred up a hornets nest; I did it intentionally because
> > otherwise nobody seems to notice and I think that at least some of what I
> > originally wrote (goading aside) is important.
> Personally, I would like a normal post better. I read 4-5 lines of your
> initial post, after which I instantly decided it's a flamebait and moved on
> to the next message.

 Yes, I am sure most people would. However, I have noticed that normal posts
on topics of this nature are handily dispatched with singular consistancy,
usually with reference to historical discussion buried somewhere deep in the
list archives. Or just ignored.

 Squeaky wheels, Drastic Measures, Desparate Times and all that. 
 Some times the grotesque is simply the most engaging. Caught _you_ checking
back in, didn't we? :;-}

> This is Debian, so s/Assign more people/Get more volunteers/.

 Beware circular logic. This just means that the first thing to do is accept
people that would like to learn the ins and outs of the application process. It
would be well worth the time to teach them, don't you think?

> We have quite a few translators who aren't developers but do have CVS access
> to the web site repository, actually. All it takes is to mail the
> appropriate person (debian-www or the translation coordinator).

If that is the case then two things could happen:
	a. apply the same standards of access for some other
	<insert long list> things that need attention and
	b. Post information on this prominantly

> Don't know about debian-doc, it's probably more or less the same (mail the
> list or the doc coordinator).

 Personally, I have never recieved any acknowledgement that anyone even
looked at mail I have sent ... and, no, I'm not really habitually obnoxious:).
They probably got tossed with a thousand other emails, really quite normal
in a large organization.


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