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Re: KDE2 - nice demolition job ...

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 04:39:33PM -0700, erik wrote:
> I realize I stirred up a hornets nest; I did it intentionally because
> otherwise nobody seems to notice and I think that at least some of what I
> originally wrote (goading aside) is important.

Personally, I would like a normal post better. I read 4-5 lines of your
initial post, after which I instantly decided it's a flamebait and moved on
to the next message.

> 	a.  Assign more people to process applications - kind of
> self-explanatory.

This is Debian, so s/Assign more people/Get more volunteers/.

> 	b.  Establish at least two teirs of contribution - people who are
> interested in helping with less technical aspects need not be subjected to
> the same screening process as package maintainers. So if, for example
> somebody says "hey, could I help with paperwork or the website or
> something ?" they can be easily accepted to work on something. Voluteering
> should not be a full time job.  

We have quite a few translators who aren't developers but do have CVS access
to the web site repository, actually. All it takes is to mail the
appropriate person (debian-www or the translation coordinator).

Don't know about debian-doc, it's probably more or less the same (mail the
list or the doc coordinator).

>  	c.  (optimally) Rewrite the pages that explain how to apply and 
> give a clearer and more complete description of tasks available and what
> level of expertise each requires.  

You'd have to talk to Taketoshi Sano about his English :o)

> 	d. (optimally) simplify the protocols for applying.

It seems to me that it shouldn't get more simple that what it is now,
otherwise we'd have too many people who became developers far too quickly
and easily to be able to contribute quality stuff fast enough. Just IMHO.

BTW you should put your real name in From:.

Digital Electronic Being Intended for Assassination and Nullification

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