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Re: KDE2 - nice demolition job ...

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, erik wrote:

>  I just can't keep my mouth shut about this any longer and the
> unnecassary divisions (read demolitions) of KDE packages are the last
> straw: I've been tracking the development of KDE2 for months and running
> it quite successfully using "unofficial" debs (cheers to the folks at
> kde.tdyc for bucking authority!)

[and this drivel continues and continues for paragraphs....]

You _do_ realize that the same guy who packaged it for kde.tdyc _is_ the
same guy who is packaging it for Debian proper?

>  I think this is a pretty blatant example of the obvious failings of an
> aging and inflexible beuracratic empire that cares more for its protocols
> and levels of "authority" 

heh. Excuse, but as one future developer, I have to say that I see Debian
as the group that cares the _most_ for doing things right.  We may argue
about _how_ to implement stuff, or even _why_ or _if_, but that's because
the people involved care.  Yes, there are petty bickers, and factions, and
so on, but Debian is still the only distribution that exists on the scale
it does and work well.

> minutia and complaining about how there is too much to be done while
> keeping "outsiders" waiting for months to even recieve acknowledgement of
> reciept of application to voluteer (Oh, Yes, You too can help with
> the Debian Project - just jump through these thirty complicated hoops and
> apply to be a "developer" and wait around for a year or so and then if we
> think you're cool ... garbage, why bother?).

That's not true at all. So far, I'm in the new maintainer queue, and have
a number of offers from sponsors to upload packages whenever they are
ready.  If you want to package something, at this point, yes, you should
get into the queue, but finding a sponsor isn't very hard.

Debian is about participation, and if you participate, you see results.

>  And try not to prove my point with condescending flames - its not
> attractive.

My flame isn't condescending.  It's based on the fact that a) Ivan is
doing a fine job of getting KDE re-packaged, give him some time.
b) complaining about the new maintainer queue isn't productive, so go
do something productive with that energy.
and finally c) you really come off whiny.  If you don't like the manual,
help write a better one.  If you don't like the way Debian deals with new
users, help change it, by setting an example.  File bug reports if
nothing else.  Etc.

another happy Debian user,

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