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Re: Getting current keymap

12.09.2000 pisze Torsten Landschoff (torsten@pclab.ifg.uni-kiel.de):

> That's why the includes are assembled into a self-contained keymap
> which is stored in /etc. 

Only if you use pre-supplied keymaps. When you use customized ones[1] 
it's not that easy.

> BTW: The "correct" approach to this would be to have a kernel with
> the right keymap as the default :)

The best way to achieve this would be /lib/modules/telepathy.o ;-)

best regards,

[1] like me, another keys for mode_switch ([LWin/Menu], not [Alt]),
some extra characters directly from keyboard (FYI, I have german QWERTZ
keyboard with QWERTY polish layout and umlauts with mode_switch + usual
umlaut place on german keyboard). And I WANT MORE KEYS. 105 isn't too
many. ;-)

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