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RFP: iGal -- online Image GALlery generator

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

iGal:  online Image GALlery generator 


[ What is iGal? ] 

  iGal is a Perl-based program that can generate and publish an entire
  online picture show (HTML slides, thumbnails and index page
  included) with just one command line invocation. If you've got a
  directory (or several) full of image files that are waiting to be
  put online and shared with friends, then iGal is for you.

[ Features ] 

  flexible, well documented handles JPG and GIF images 99%
  configurable through command line options and two HTML template
  files generated slides use a javascript trick to preload the next
  image in the slide show (great for those viewing your gallery over
  slow connections) relies on programs already included with most
  Linux distributions (libjpeg [src, rpm] and ImageMagick [src, rpm],
  the latter being optional), not on non-standard Perl modules should
  easily install and work on any Unix-like OS

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