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RFP: xxdiff -- graphical diff & merge

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist


What is xxdiff?

xxdiff is a file comparator and merge tool. It is an open-source
replacement for Rudy Wortel's xdiff which comes with SGI machines
(which was itself inspired by SGI's gdiff). The aim for version 1.0 of
xxdiff was to contain most of the features that are present in
xdiff-1.0, and to be compatible on the command line (e.g. for code
review scripts that have been written with xdiff in mind).

What would I use such a program for?

xxdiff can be used to graphically display differences between two
(eventually three) files. It can also be used to merge two files
together, by allowing the user to select regions and save the results
of the selection. It is also an aid in code reviewing, as it allows a
reviewer to look at the pieces of changed code and save selected
portions of the code to an editor to make comments (horizontal diffs
make reviewing much easier, especially for a long list of files).

Why another graphical diff viewer? Did you look at other similar programs?

>From the author: I wanted to add features to xdiff. I had found
mgdiff, which I wasted some time modifying to some extent to have the
same features as xdiff but the licensing prevents me from distributing
it as GNU GPL, which I think is important. Plus that old C code was
getting out of hand so a nice C++ rewrite was in order. All the other
free graphical diff programs were either missing some features or were
tied to a desktop environment, or were in unstable shape. xxdiff is
desktop agnostic, it will run anywhere that Qt and GNU diff do, as
long as you can compile ANSI C++.

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