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Re: Problems with mail system? [Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown]

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 06:20:46PM -0400, Adam McKenna wrote:
> So?  Anyone who asked for that would be unreasonable.  Besides, nobody's mail
> server is telneting to your port 25 to see what your SMTP greeting says -- 
> that would be insane.  It's a simple double-lookup.  The PTR record is
> queried, and checked to see if it matches that particular A record.  Not all
> MTA's even do this.
> The only other check that some MTA's perform is checking that the domain in
> the Mail From: header (the envelope sender) is a real domain.
> To sum up, your particular problem is not with DNS, it's with some fool
> arbitrarily blocking either you in particular, or some larger network which
> includes you.

I don't have such a problem.  As you have agreed, any such requirement
would be unreasonable, so why are we arguing?

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