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Re: QT on alpha potato does not compile

On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> Yup...I hosed the rules script and had a $(QTDIR)/libs instead of a $(QTDIR)/lib

Yeah, that'll do it :-P  I'll double-check this on my end and see if
changing that will fix compilation here.  If so, I'll upload this version
since you'll be superceding it anyway and I'd like to see the rest of the
KDE stuff getting installed into the alpha dirs (not for me personally,
I'm a GNOME-head, but for the coolness factor) :-)

> anyways, I'm migrating designer out into a completely seperate package so that
> we can turn on some of the other features (like kde2 widget support) which
> breaks the build order...I've fixed thee above problem on my end and once a 
> clean build (from scratch) passes my eyes and I have a few tests done I'll
> upload and we'll see where we go from there.

Fantastic!  Thank you!


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