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Re: new experimental ISDNUTILS packages available

Today, Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org> wrote:
> I've been promising this for a while, but now it's happened:
> The latest version of isdn4k-utils has been packaged.



> deb http://www.murphy.nl/~paul/debian isdnutils/
> After this, "apt-get update; apt-get install ipppd isdnlog-data"
> should install isdnutils, ipppd, isdnlog, and isdnlog-data.
> You should install any of the other packages that you need.

Nope, doesn't.
* ipppd is not there - 404 not found
* isdnutils won't be fetched by apt-get if there is an isdnutils
  already installed

I haven't tested the rest, like installing or configuring, but I will
post my results as replies to this article (ooh, bad form! (-:).

[nice features -- snip]

> Please let me know if you use this version, and keep me informed of
> ANYTHING, good or bad. I *do* mean anything, like spelling errors
> or a complete destruction of your /etc directory (I hope not :-)

Ah, yes. Where? Here, on -devel, privately, as BTS bugs, on a secret
and mystical mailing list? (-8*

For the moment, I'll settle down with -devel.

> Enjoy,
> Paul Slootman

Andreas Stefan Fuchs                             in Real Life aka
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antifuchs                                        in IRCNet and
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