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new experimental ISDNUTILS packages available

I've been promising this for a while, but now it's happened:
The latest version of isdn4k-utils has been packaged.

I'm calling this experimental, because things probably WILL go wrong            here and there. However, I'm using it (at least parts of it), and it
works for me.  Be sure to backup your configuration files first!

      ***   Only use these packages if you can live      ***
      ***   with things perhaps breaking, and if you     ***
      ***   can fix things yourself when they do break!  ***

In this version, the isdnutils package has been split into smaller
parts. By popular demand there is a separate isdnutils-xtools package
so that those without X don't need to install any X libraries. These
are the packages:

 - isdnutils            base system e.g. isdnctrl, imon, isdn_cause
                        manpage. Enough to run rawIP interface and
                        X.75 with.
 - isdnutils-doc        FAQ and MiniFAQ
 - isdnutils-xtools     xmonisdn, xisdnload
 - ipppd                Stuff for syncPPP connections (e.g. ISP access)
 - isdnlog              Latest isdnlog binaries
 - isdnlog-data         rate, zone, etc. data files for isdnlog
 - isdnvbox             vbox ISDN answering machine
 - isdnactivecards      stuff for active ISDN cards including firmware
			and capi.  Large and not needed by most people.
 - isdneurofile		The eurofileftransfer protocol software.

These packages have been uploaded to the "experimental" distribution
(but not yet installed at this moment, maybe today?),
but are also available by using the following line in /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://www.murphy.nl/~paul/debian isdnutils/

After this, "apt-get update; apt-get install ipppd isdnlog-data"
should install isdnutils, ipppd, isdnlog, and isdnlog-data.
You should install any of the other packages that you need.

Isdnlog should ask you a couple of questions via debconf (e.g. what
country you're in, what your areacode is), and create an isdn.conf
file (if not there already).  I recommend MOVING your old isdn.conf
out of the way before installation, the new isdnlog NEEDS a couple of
parameters not in the old version.  In a later version I'll try to
convert any old isdn.conf automatically. After configuration there
should also be a /etc/isdn/rate.conf file, please check this.

While testing it may be useful to know that /etc/init.d/isdnutils
now accepts command like:
	/etc/init.d/isdnutils reload isdnlog
to reload only isdnlog; this works for {start,stop,reload} {isdnlog,ipppd}.

Please let me know if you use this version, and keep me informed of
ANYTHING, good or bad. I *do* mean anything, like spelling errors
or a complete destruction of your /etc directory (I hope not :-)

(I already know that the text of the first isdnlog debconf message is
wordwrapped here and there, despite extra whitespace in addition to
the mandatory first space, which should be enough according to the
debconf docs. Anyone know what to do about it?)

Paul Slootman

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