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Re: Debian, daemons and runlevels (was: Re: X and runlevels)

On Mon, Sep 04, 2000 at 10:28:20AM -0300, Henrique M Holschuh wrote:
> I was going to tack this sooner or later (the "trust us, we KNOW you
> want the daemons to start always" current state of almost all daemon
> packages annoys me to no end, and from past flamewars I know I'm not
> the only one), I think I even warned a few newbies in -user two days
> ago about this :-)

it is a reasonable assumption to make - if someone installs a package
then it is almost certain that they want it to run, not just sit there
and take up disk space.

the tiny minority who want to install but not run a package can take
whatever special steps are needed to achieve their non-standard

> The solution is to *force* all daemon packages to never start a daemon
> out of its intended runlevel, be it during first install or upgrades
> (I think this probably requires a policy change). I'd even say this
> should be a goal for woody, unless we're going to try to get woody out
> of the door very fast.

this sounds bloody annoying.

if you don't want a service to start, then don't install the package.
simple, really.

if for some reason (e.g. transitional dependancies like netbase &
portmap) you have the package installed, and still don't want the
service to start then use update-rc.d to modify the run-level symlinks
(or modify them by hand).

and, as ever, after an upgrade you should thoroughly check your system
to make sure that everying is running (or not running as the case may
be) exactly as you intend it. take appropriate action when you encounter
any divergence from your desires.

no package manager can read your mind.   you're still going to have to do
some of the work yourself.


craig sanders

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