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Re: X and runlevels

On Mon 04 Sep 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:

> also you mean that the symlinks are recreated, not just gpm being
> restarted right?  there is an obnoxious behavior in debian where
> upgraded packages are started even if they were not running in the
> first place.  (*cough* portmap *cough*) there was a bit of discussion
> on fixing this but i don't know if its being worked on actively or
> not. 

Debhelper (and one of the other helper things) does this, if you 
don't call dh_installinit with the --no-restart-on-upgrade (or such)
option. I guess the reasoning is that (a) you're upgrading in multiuser
mode because debian lets you :-) (b) in multiuser mode the daemon was

It's unfortunate that there's no easy way to find the current runlevel
(the usual "who -r" from Solaris etc. doesn't work), otherwise this
piece of code could be used:

	RL=`who -r`
	if [ -x /etc/rc$RC.d/S??$PKGNAME ]; then
		/etc/rc$RC.d/S??$PKGNAME start

That's ignoring file-rc, unfortunately. Is there an easy way of
determining whether a certain init.d script should be started in
the current runlevel that works also with file-rc ?

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