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Re: X and runlevels

On Mon, Sep 04, 2000 at 11:43:35AM +0200, Per Lundberg wrote:

> Maybe, but having the option to get into console mode too would be
> nice. Sometimes, you might not want X to start up when you reboot. (I
> don't do this very often, but I know there are people that do)

the key is not everyone does it the same way, i personally used to,
then realized i *NEVER* booted the system into a different runlevel to
avoid X and quit bothering, i am fine with it.  there are other
software that i do tinker with the symlinks.  (*cough* portmap) the
thing is debian LETS me.  it leaves the decision where it belongs with

>     EB> no there not, the symlinks are only restored if ALL of them
>     EB> were removed
> Are you *absolutely* sure? The reason I ask is because I've been

/me checks, yup im sure.

> having this exact problem with gpm lately. I like to start it
> occasionally, because it interfers with my X configuration, so I use
> to remove the symlinks. Each and every time gpm is updated (two times
> the last week), they have been brought back to life. Pretty annoying,
> if you ask me.

if that is true (and your only removing SOME of the symlinks not ALL
of them) then its a bug and should be filed in the BTS.  that is NOT
how it is supposed to work. from the update-rc.d man page:

       If  any  files  /etc/rcrunlevel.d/[SK]??name already exist
       then update-rc.d does nothing.  This is so that the system
       administrator  can rearrange the links, provided that they
       leave at least one link remaining,  without  having  their
       configuration overwritten.

> (This is a woody system)

i have a field of potatoes so maybe there is a new bug in woody.
either that or gpm is being evil and making the symlinks itself
instead of using update-rc.d like its supposed to. 

also you mean that the symlinks are recreated, not just gpm being
restarted right?  there is an obnoxious behavior in debian where
upgraded packages are started even if they were not running in the
first place.  (*cough* portmap *cough*) there was a bit of discussion
on fixing this but i don't know if its being worked on actively or

Ethan Benson

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