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Re: X and runlevels

>>>>> "EB" == Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

    >> Sure. But whenever you install something that gets you a
    >> display manager, your system will boot up in X.
    EB> is that not what you wanted when you installed *dm ?

Maybe, but having the option to get into console mode too would be
nice. Sometimes, you might not want X to start up when you reboot. (I
don't do this very often, but I know there are people that do)

    EB> no there not, the symlinks are only restored if ALL of them
    EB> were removed

Are you *absolutely* sure? The reason I ask is because I've been
having this exact problem with gpm lately. I like to start it
occasionally, because it interfers with my X configuration, so I use
to remove the symlinks. Each and every time gpm is updated (two times
the last week), they have been brought back to life. Pretty annoying,
if you ask me.

(This is a woody system)

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