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Re: No german umlauts in console and xterm

On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 08:51:59PM +0200, Karsten Tinnefeld wrote:
> >   I hope this isn't necessary.
> > (you can disable this in bash, but then some other stuff (legitimate control
> > chars) breaks, and since I only type umlauts on the command-line very
> > occasionally, it wasn't worth the effort to fix)
> right, sorry, there was some resource I forgot to mention.
> This is my ~/.inputrc, which is read by libreadline. Please see bash(1) 
> for the meaning, where you cannot tell from the name. Important in this 
> context are obviously lines 3--5.


For Spanish speakers (like me), there's a "task-spanish" package, which
installs (between others) a "castellanizar" program, which modify the
global shell rc's for supporting ñáéíóúäëïöü... on any program, including
the shell command line.

Is there something like that for German users? If not, wouldn't be a good
idea package it?

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