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Re: No german umlauts in console and xterm

On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 08:00:12PM +0200, Miros/law `Jubal' Baran <baran@makabra.knm.org.pl> was heard to say:
> 5.09.2000 pisze Florian Hinzmann (fh@bigfoot.de):
> [symptomata snipped]
> Let me ask you one question: how did you set the `locale' variables
> (LANG, LC_MESSAGES, LC_CTYPE and another LC_* companions)? I can type
> umlauts without any problems, under console and X (having pl_PL locale
> set, which means ISO-8859-2): üöäÜÖÄß. This is X. Üöä. ßüÖÄ. This is
> console.

  I hope this isn't necessary.  I'm a native English speaker, and I'd probably
be a bit disoriented if all my messages started coming out in German, but
I do occasionally feel the need to type something that includes an umlaut.  I'm
sure I'm not alone, or indeed even one of the more frequent users of foreign
character sets (eg: consider the cases of students taking a foreign
language class, or people who carry on correspondance with acquaintences
in other countries)

  Luckily, I've generally been able to type umlauts without too much
difficulty, except that some programs (mostly ones using readline, like
bash) insist on treating foreign characters as control characters and either
beep in protest about unbound keys or do something highly unexpected.  (you can
disable this in bash, but then some other stuff (legitimate control chars)
breaks, and since I only type umlauts on the command-line very occasionally,
it wasn't worth the effort to fix)


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