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No german umlauts in console and xterm


I tried to fix an old problem with my Debian system (woody)
today, but failed.

When typing german umlauts my system behaves 

In most X programs they appear fine (i.e. Netscape, several
mail clients, XEmacs, ..)

When typing in xterm|gnome-terminal windows they
don't appear. Some chars do beep, but none of the
umlauts appear.

When typing in joe (a text based full screen editor) I get:
"vd|VD\_" for "öäüÖÄÜß".

Now for something (not so) completely different:

I call kbdconfig as root out of the console
(it doesn't matter if X is running). Then I 
chose i386/qwertz/de-latin1-nodeadkeys. "kbdconfig"
asks me if I want to test and I type "y"es.

While doing these test typing, alle umlauts appear
correctly, saying:

ö (0xf6)
ä (0xe4)
ü (0xfc)
Ö (0xd6)
Ä (0xc4)
Ü (0xdc)
ß (0xdf)

When I end testing and install this keymap as my default
keymap and activate it, umlauts won't work again,
same behavior as before.

Does anyone have an idea what happens here? What parts
of my system are involved in getting chars from the
keyboard to the screen with/without X?
Some Docs to read? Right now I don't understand the
underlying issues and have no idea where to start.

What is the difference between "de-latin1" and 
"de-latin1-nodeadkeys" BTW?

 TIA for any help

  Florian Hinzmann      private: fh@bigfoot.de  
                         Debian: fh@debian.org
PGP-Key fingerprint: DD 61 74 34 04 FB 8A BD  43 54 83 38 0C 82 EF B1

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