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Re: No german umlauts in console and xterm

While we are at it, there are two bugs against base-files (#56275 and #62475)
and boot-floppies (#67913) regarding german umlauts.

* It's true that bash (and readline-based programs) rejects german umlauts?
* Does it happen even under a locale such as de_DE?
* If the answer is yes, does "set convert-meta off" in /etc/inputrc
definitely solves this problem?
* Are there undesired side effects? (Bug #56275 has a detailed explanation
about how to solve the undesired effects. Can we solve them all?).
* If "set convert-meta off" in /etc/inputrc is not the best solution, which is?

I'm not a guru on input methods, so I will appreciate any help on this.


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