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Re: No german umlauts in console and xterm

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Florian Hinzmann wrote:

> When typing german umlauts my system behaves 
> inconsistent:
> In most X programs they appear fine (i.e. Netscape, several
> mail clients, XEmacs, ..)
> When typing in xterm|gnome-terminal windows they
> don't appear. Some chars do beep, but none of the
> umlauts appear.

AFAIK this is due to the application that receives the characters. Xterms pass
all characters unmodified; some programs (ae, ee, pico, lynx) basically don't
check for "valid" characters, but other programs (bash) do check and reject
"weird things that you're not supposed to enter". Other full-screen programs
may use these chars for other purposes, mostly keyboard shortcuts. But
they do this by looking directly at the keyboard; cut'n'paste from a "non-
checking" editor usually works fine.

So the real problem seems to be in the individual applications that were
written by people with little knowledge of foreign languages ;-) 

(BTW, it seems an underdocumented X feature that you can use things like Win-K
on Any Keyboard[tm] to get an ë (eh, pine beeps while pico doesn't...))

  Anne Bezemer

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