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Re: X and runlevels

> On Mon, Sep 04, 2000, Anton Ivanov wrote:
> > 	It still does not answer the original question which was about X-only/
> > non-X runlevel. In other words how to boot in multiuser mode selectively 
> > with/without X. Which is quite a sensible question. 
> > 
> > Example:
> > 	I had to go into an intermediate single user mode boot on some of
> > my machines after forgetting to turn off xdm after changing video cards. 
> > Or during dealing with laptop docking gear. 
> > 	If there was a boot with X disabled and xdm installed it would have 
> > made life a bit easier.
>    I must admit I don't really understand the problem here. What
> prevents you from going back to console mode ? Moreover, even if the X
> server has a problem and keeps dying, startAttempts in xdm is set to 4
> by default.

Broken hardware. You assume that X and the hardware behave.

On some Neomagic clones X does not always die. It screwes it up so bad that 
neither text nor graphics are available. Same with some ATIs. 

Similar situation as described by someone else is when the mode settings will 
actually smoke your monitor. 


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