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Re: why apt/dpkg not using bzip2


Adrian Bunk schrieb:
> My suggestion for the Packages file is:
> There's a Packages.bz2 additionally to the Packages.gz . apt downloads by
> default the Packages.bz2, but you can tell apt to fetch the Packages.gz
> instead if you do have a slow machine. This solution has the advantage
> that there are no problems with old versions of apt (the Packages.gz is
> still present), and if you don't want the .bz2 you can still get the .gz .

I don't understand this hysteria about compressing
Packages-files. IMO it would be _much_ better (bandwith and
processing-speed wise) to have it uncompressed on the servers
and rsync it. How often did you have to download that whole
damned 800k Packages.gz of unstable just because one single
package was upgraded?

apt-move uses rsync to update it's Packages, and it's a real
improvement over the sledgehammer method.

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