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Re: libgd1 vs. libgd1g

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > The libgd maintainer decided to drop support for a libc5-based
> > libgd and renamed the libgd1g package to libgd1 (I personally don't
> > think that this was a good idea as it might cause problems during
> > upgrades).
>  Do I interpret this right that I should file a bugreport for
> recompile against webalizer, then?

There are already loads of bugreports like that filed against
webalizer, because people don't seem to bother checking the existing
bugreports before fileing yet another one, and, worse, people are
getting angry when you don't reply to their requests within one hour,
even if you are 'on leave' as stated on db.debian.org.

Webalizer won't be updated till I get back home and settled down, so
_please_ don't file any new bugreports with no new information before
October 15th or so. Please.


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