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libgd1 vs. libgd1g


 I've noticed a serious problem with libgd1 (or, libgd1g) during the
last month. And I don't really know what to do about.

 webalizer and linuxconf now depends on libgd1g, which currently isn't
anymore available from our ftp-servers.  And on the other hand
libgd-perl depends on libgd1, which seems to be a more recent version of
libgd1g (I think both provide the same thing?)

 libgd1 conflicts with libgd1g...  So, what is to be done, where is the
problem here?  Should libgd-perl be recompiled against libgd1g, which
seems to be an older version and not available on the servers; or should
be webalizer and linuxconf be recompiled against libgd1 (which they were
about a month ago or so, IIRC).

 So, my main question is - why those 2 packages? And furthermore,
against which packages should I file bugreports to solve this (if it's
really needed and the DM of those packages don't read this)?

 Thanks for any hints!
I predict that today will be remembered until tomorrow!

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