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Re: WARNING: potato has horrible broken locales

On Mon 04 Sep 2000, Peter Makholm wrote:

handling of [a-z] discussion snipped

> ls /dev/tty[[:lower:]]0

Ugh. Whatever happened to lazy unix users? a-z is a lot easier to
type than [:lower:] .

I'd find it a lot more reasonable if [A-Z] was interpreted as

Next step will be renaming ls to List-Directory :-(

> On pandora I just did the following:
> $ touch a b c A B C
> $ echo [[:lower:]]
> a b c
> $ echo [[:upper:]]
> A B C
> $ echo [a-c]
> a b c

The scary thing (for me :-) is that this also works on Solaris already.
At least, with ksh, not in sh.

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