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Re: WARNING: potato has horrible broken locales

Mirek Kwasniak <mirek@zind.ikem.pwr.wroc.pl> writes:

> Today I've trying (in bash):
>   ls /dev/tty[a-z]0
> and answer has unexpected /dev/ttyI0 and /dev/ttyS0 followed by
> /dev/tty[a-z]0 entries.

I've seen this comming up a lot of places the past few months. It
looks like somebody wants to redefine [a-c] to mean [aAbBcC] instead
of [abc].

I don't like this change, but it looks like it's is going to be either
posix standard of locale dependent (by posix standard) in the future.

It will break scripts, but it doesn't seem like anyone cares about
that (Ohhh, I imagine there is a major flamer war going on
somewhere). The future proof and locale portable way to do the above

ls /dev/tty[[:lower:]]0

On pandora I just did the following:
$ touch a b c A B C
$ echo [[:lower:]]
a b c
$ echo [[:upper:]]
$ echo [a-c]
a b c


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