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Re: Help on Debian Project - Need Me?

Today, Marcelo E Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org> wrote:
>>> Andreas Fuchs <asf@acm.org> writes:
>> None of them look DFSG-Free to me. Nonetheless, SMIL _is_ a nice tool
>> to produce something multimedia-ish. Hopefully, somebody writes a
>> DFSG-Free player in the near future -- but it won't be me, I don't
>> need it (-:

>  JFTR: http://www.swift-tools.com/Flash/
>  It's GPLed.

Hey, that's great! But, on a second glance, the thing ships with a
GPLed KDE thingy. Rats!

But it was well worth the try. Anyone want to poke it with a
10-foot-pole (speak: ITP it)? (-;

>                                         Marcelo

Andreas Stefan Fuchs                             in Real Life aka
asf@acm.org, asfuchs@gmx.at, asf@ycom.at         in NNTP and SMTP,
antifuchs                                        in IRCNet and
Relf Herbstfresser, Male 1/2 Elf Priest          in AD&D

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