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Re: RFC/ITP: everybuddy-cvs

"michael d. ivey" <ivey-debian@gweezlebur.com> writes:

> I started making personal debs of the everybuddy CVS snapshots because EB
> releases tend to lag pretty far behind the code in CVS.  I called my
> package ebsnap, and made it conflict with everybuddy.  I put it on my
> site, and that was that.
> Now, I've adopted everybuddy and gotten through the NM process.  I'd like
> to add the CVS version to unstable...but I don't know what to call it.
> My current idea is everybuddy-cvs, and make it conflict with everybuddy,
> and conflict/replace ebsnap, for the people who may have downloaded
> ebsnap.  Is that the correct way to proceed?

I would keep the same name for both the released and CVS
versions, but upload the released version to unstable and the CVS
version to project/experimental.

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