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Re: Help

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 03:18:26PM +0000, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > I checked and all the permissions are like they are supposed to be. (BTW,
> > what is the "t" in the permission string "drwxrwxrwt" anyway?)
> 't' is the sticky bit. On a directory, it means a user can only delete
> their own files, despite having write access to the entire directory.

Just a point of clarification - if the user owns the directory where the
sticky bit is set, then the user can delete anybody's files, regardless of
the sticky bit.

If the user doesn't own the directory where the sticky bit is set then
Hamish's statement is correct (and quite useful!), even if that user does
have write permission to the directory.

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