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Re: My recent bug's and continuing effort to debconf-ize Debian

> But then it might interrupt the installation process.  Just as debconf
> asks all of the preinst questions before any of the packages have
> started unpacking, it would be nice to be able to defer any questions
> that *have* to wait for the postinst until the very end, when all of
> the packages have been installed.

a) choose non-interactive and no debconf questions get asked.  You can
dpkg-reconfigure any package you need to
b) supply debconf with the answers ahead of time
c) *eventually* there will be a debconf server(right word?) which network
admins can install.  This will have the answers stored in it and then when
boxes need to know an asnwer, they query debconf and it queries the server.
This way, you can do unattended installs of an entire computer lab.

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