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Re: Intent To Split: netbase

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	Hmm. Lets step back here, and take a deep breath. What we need
>  to consider is whether the underlying principle is desirable -- does
>  it make sense to have two separate path components? The rationale was
>  that for the common user, there are programs that are not used very
>  often, and may not even work when invoked, and thus tend to only
>  confuse the uninitiated, and annoy enerally by messing up command
>  comletion. 
> 	The question that seems to want to be raised is whether this
>  is true? Are people really confused more by having extra commands
>  available, or are they confused by _not_ havingcertain commands
>  present? 

Sounds fine to me.

> 	The irony is, of course, that the people generally making such
>  decisions (like this forum) are rarely a decent sampling of the user
>  base, or the hypothetical Joe user. 

Maybe we should ask our users then?

> 	As to mount telling us what is mounted, so does df, and cat
>  /etc/mtab. again, not enough to move mount; unless one is being
>  contrary. 

I dont follow this. 'echo *' can tell me what files are in a directory;
a system without ls in path is still broken. I don't see how mount is
much different. Regular users *often* want to mount/unmount/check mount
status of removable media. And it's in /bin now, so isn't this a red
herring anyway?

see shy jo

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