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Re: Installing packages without manpages and docs

On Mon 07 Aug 2000, Marc Haber wrote:

> Is there any way to make apt-get stop installing packages' man pages
> and documentation? I never actually tried that, but would symlinking


> /usr[/share]/{doc|man|info} to /dev/null do the job without disabling
> apt updates?

That won't work either. Apt et.c will get mighty confused if they
encounter a character special device when they expect a directory.
Note there's no such thing as a "null directory", only a "null file",
as it were.

> I have docs and man pages on my personal work station, and having them
> multiple times is a waste of disk and backup space.

Only thing you can do is remove them manually after installation.
That won't confuse the packaging system that much.

Paul Slootman
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