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Re: Wannabe-maintainer's question

Andreas Bombe <andreas.bombe@munich.netsurf.de> writes:

> Provided the download machine also has apt-get, it is quite easy to do
> with the right config files.  At the university a Debian mirror is just
> one hop away, which gives nice download rates in the range of 4MB per
> second which makes it quite worth it.
> I take a whole directory from home to the university machine and back.
> This contains the structure apt needs and two config files, one for
> downloading and one for installing.
> At home I copy the current dpkg status to this directory, tar it to DDS
> tape and untar it at univ.

This seems really cool. Can you please give a little bit more
information exactly what things are important (directory structure,
connfiles)? I might as well find that out by myself, but since you
seem to have it up and running, it would be a waste of time ;-)

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