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Re: lprng as 'stantard' package (was: Re: Test packages for libc6 2.1.91+cvs)

>>>>> "Henrique" == Henrique M Holschuh <hmh+debianml@rcm.org.br> writes:

    Henrique> Yes, but not out-of-the-box. I looked into it a bit
    Henrique> yesterday. Cupsys can do it, but one must use some
    Henrique> add-ons. There's nothing wrong with that, other than
    Henrique> they'd need to be packaged and integrated with cupsis
    Henrique> for Debian.

Have a look at:


which is a database of CUPSYS ppd (and pdq and lpd) files.

Not sure how well they work...
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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