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Re: cupsys (was: Re: lprng as 'stantard' package)


Henrique M Holschuh schrieb:
> > First, cups provides more than the other printing packages. It can
> > print postscript to non-PS printers out of the box, and seems to
> > include some version of GhostScript for that. If one subtracts out the
> Yes, and that's my grip with it so far. Unless the code HAS to include a
> modified GS instead of interfacing to an installed GS for a very, very good
> **technical** reason, that's a rather ugly way to solve a problem.

I had a short look at it now. It looks really much like
SysV-printing, and even knows about standard interface scripts.
Those could be used as interfaces to ghostscript:

# -i interface Sets a  System  V  style  interface  script
#    for  the printer.  This option cannot be specified with
#    the -P option (PPD file) and is intended for providing
#    sup- port for legacy printer drivers.

This will probably give you most functionality of the internal

> As it stands, I think either promoting lprng to standard or keeping the
> status-quo (lpr) are better choices for the time being (Woody).

Sounds reasonable. CUPS has a long way to go before it is no
more an alien in debian, but BSD-printing is a cludge too.

> > separate cupsys-ps package that only people without PS-aware printers
> > needed would be a win (perhaps this could also somehow share with
> > GhostScript).

Seems the other way around would be more sensible:
cupsys-ps: basic queueing, works for PS-printers
cupsys-gs: interface-scripts for use with gs

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