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Re: IPv6 adoption

On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 11:39:17PM -0600, Dwayne C . Litzenberger wrote:
>Why are the IPv6 adoption predictions so grim?  I've heard 10-20 years for

They decided that the actual utilization of IPv4 address-space wasn't
nearly as bad as they had been saying, if they could make a little better
use of it.  Plus, it's a chicken-and-egg thing -- nobody uses it because
nobody uses it.

>What can we do to get the IPv6 ball rolling?

Convert everyone you know to using the 6Bone...

Remember, IPV6 addresses are 128 bits because a number of members of
the IPv6 working group didn't understand that 64 bits was significantly
more than twice the number of addresses than 32 bits.

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