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Re: IPv6 adoption

> Remember, IPV6 addresses are 128 bits because a number of members of
> the IPv6 working group didn't understand that 64 bits was significantly
> more than twice the number of addresses than 32 bits.
> Sean

Has a wee bit more to do with auto-configuration.

64 bits minus a 48 bit MAC address leaves you with 16 bits for network.

16 bits of network address isn't much (what is this, DECNet?).

Besides, the need for more addresses is based upon routing issues, with 
multiple levels and lots of unused space.

Remember, to a crude first approximation, within a power of ten or so,
there are about as many IPv4 addresses as there are humanoid lifeforms
on this planet.

The issue is not, and never has been, that there "aren't enough IPv4
addresses".  Theres way more than we need.  The problem is that we as a
planet can't seem to utilize them very well, although we're doing better,
which is making IPV6 less and less necessary.

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