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Re: ITP: auto-apt (automatic apt-get)

Fumitoshi UKAI wrote:
> > +   By breaking all the pathnames into components and storing them 
> > +   seperately a space savings is realized by not duplicating the string
> > +   over and over again. Ultimately this saving is sacrificed to storage of
> > +   the tree structure itself but the tree structure yeilds a speed gain
> > +   in the sorting and processing. Ultimately it takes about 5 seconds to
> > +   do 141000 nodes and about 5 meg of ram.
> Wow, great.  How much fast to lookup this database?

Well, ask Jason for a real answer, but off-the-cuff, I'd say: It's a
tree descent, where depth of tree is related to the number of directories in
the path. Probably quite fast.

see shy jo

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