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Working cut at new init script config files

"Christopher W. Curtis" wrote:

> I've taken an interest in this as well.  I rough-drafted a system last
> night that is probably different from the tradional debian way, but as I
> find 'the debain way' often confusing, I'll just proceed.

Sorry for being so verbose, but I cleaned up what I was talking about
and have a workable example to share.  I have it attached as a .tar.gz
(the tarfile is smaller than my last message, so ...)

Put it anywhere you like, it uses local storage and only runs the
program 'sleep'.  The errorcodes can be changed to be more consistent,
and the messages of course as well.  Simply run 'foo start', 'foo stop',
and 'foo restart'.

Note that restart requires additional logic and/or code because there is
a seperate 'status' function to display common error codes.  This is
required so that the script can deal with daemons returning odd return
values, and to provide a consistent UI to the user.  Ideally (well, for
me, preferrably), these will be slick ANSI messages like other dists


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