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Promotes lugs users group

Hi my name is Diana Lenko, I am staring a new users group called B.N.-Lug. It is for Beginners and Newbies to learn how to install and run Linux. I would like to know if you can help us by providing any Free promo material that you could send us? I would appreciate any thing you could provide for us. We will have giveaways, raffles, and question and answer sessions at each meeting. We currently have 30 members in just one month and expect it to grow to the help from other LUG's letting there members know about us in this area as well.

Thank you for you help.

Diana Lenko President B.N. LUG {BEGINNERS & NEWBIES}

10108 E. Columbus Dr.

Tampa , Fl. 33619

813-621-5547 aft 7:30pm est. M-F


Web site will soon be up in around 3- 4 weeks.


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