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	I have packaged MRT:

 Description: Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit (BGP4+/BGP/RIPng/RIP2)
  MRT is a set of Routing and Network Performance measurement tools, with
  BGP4+/BGP/RIPng/RIP2 routing software (now includes DVMRP and PIM-DM)
  MRT uses novel approaches to routing architecture design, and
  incorporates features such as parallel lightweight processes, multiple
  processor support, and shared memory. The object-oriented, modular
  design of the software encourages the rapid addition and prototyping
  of experimental routing protocol and inter-domain policy algorithms.
  You can use MRT applications and libraries to:
    * Serve as the backbone routing software for your IPv6 or IPv4
      network connection.
    * Simultaneously handle tasks such as routing policy communication,
      routing policy calculation, and maintenance of a RIB, and
      distribute these tasks over multiple processors or multiple
    * Generate and analyze route flap statistics
    * Generate real-time graphical maps of Internet routing
    * Capture a BGP peering session and monitor it in real time
    * Record and replay sequences of events, such as routing failures

License allows binary and source redistribution with or without changes as
long as copyright notice is preserved, without any other special

I will upload it to woody tomorrow if there is nothing wrong with it.


Fernando Sanchez
fer@debian.org http://[gpul.org|debian.org|alfa21.com|www.linux.eu.org/eulug]

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