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Re: OpenWorld2000

If somebody is interested in this, dump me a line.  I can give you a test
account (one that doesn't work with lynx btw.)

Catherine Fagan wrote:
] To whom it may concern
] RMR Plc are world leaders in conferences and exhibitions held entirely over
] the internet. The above event will cover Linux, Unix, embedded systems and
] open source  technology.
] We are looking for a wide range of participation: delegates, conference
] speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and a primary partner ( this will be a
] non-profit making organisation). 
] Who would I need to speak to with regard to this event?  We can also arrange
] contradeals, whereby companies/ organisations will exhibit with us in return
] for marketing of the event.
] Please could you forward the relevant contact information in order to
] discuss this event further? I look forward to hearing from you soon.
] Kind regards



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