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Re: sensible-x-terminal and x-terminal-emulator

On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 03:37:26PM +0900, Atsuhito Kohda wrote:
> Well, then, how about x-terminal-emulator?
> I found recently that hanterm(X terminal emulator with Hangul support)
> sets priority 30 as x-terminal-emulator whereas kterm (X terminal 
> emulator with Japanese support) sets 21.
> krxvt (another X terminal emulator with Japanese support) sets 25
> and xterm sets 20.
> Is there any policy?
> Okay it might be not so serious problem but I think that 
> update-alternatives can not handle these complicated situation 
> well any more.
> Thanks for your great efforts, Debian now becomes the most 
> internationalized Linux distribution, I believe.
> But it seems some mechanism of Debian does not advance at the 
> same rate.
> Well, Debian provides us very sofisticated mechanism i.e.
> sensible-pager and sensible-editor but, unfortunately, Debian
> forgets the most basic one, that is, sensible-x-terminal.
> If X terminal emulator is not selected correctly, sensible-pager
> and/or sensible-editor will be almost meaningless and update-alternatives
> does not provide an enough capability to handle this highly 
> internationalized Debian system, especially in the case of 
> x-terminal-emulator.
> Please consider to provide us sensible-x-terminal as soon as possible.
> Thanks in advance,		2000.6.21

I proposed sensible-xterm some time ago,
and there was bigflamawar about this issue :-).
Check archives (don't remember from when, search for sensible-xterm).

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