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Re: eliminating -source packages

> This is a proposal to change how source gets on a user's machine for
> them to use to build the kernel, and associcated modules packages.
> First, a bit of background and rationale. The way we do things now is to
> make .deb packages that contain source code.  ...

For what it's worth, the only reason that there is a pcmcia-source package 
is because of the kernel-source packages.  All I've done is to keep pace.  
When the kernel-source packages switched to containing a tar ball instead 
of the source tree itself, the pcmcia-source package followed suit.

Note: I don't think that it is necessarily *bad* for a "binary" package to 
contain a tar ball of a source.  It is certainly more appropriate for 
Debian (IMHO) than the packages that we have that contain documentation 
only, especially the packages of online magazines.

- Brian

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