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Re: Why 2 inconsistent package managers frontents?


So the genereal consensus seems to be disagreement.:-)

This still doesn't fix the problems that may appear during upgrade from
slink or older to potato and presumely woody,since as Jason said and
I agree here nowadays mostly everybody is using apt .

So maybe then a note on Debian's site can be made,something similar to:
 If you upgrade from older versions and use the apt-get method then
run dselect update before apt-get dist-upgrade.maybe a mention in the
installation FAQ would help down the road as well till a Debian overview
document will be available .

 Altough such inconsistency seems to be release critical to me and my
understanding is that the fix is quite simple so I don't see where is
the problem in fixing it.
 I toally disagree with the opinion that there are more important things
to do in apt-get that fix such a minor problem.This may be true but if
a fix can be done in 3 lines of code then I'd say it's easier than
every user to run 2 commands.We're still dealing here with the packages
management and this is one of the best things in Debian-from a user
of view.
 And ignoring a minor problem doesn't make it go away.It will just
in time as soon as more packages are coming.

I'll just leave it here and write my own shell-script,move apt-get
somewhere and call it from my script.
 This seems to be the only solution right now.

The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. 
     Alan Saporta 
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http://deepblue.dyndns.org :-)

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