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Re: eliminating -source packages


Why not let a package's control file tell apt-get install-source where it 
wants to be installed?

This would solve another problem too, say you have a library and you want
to trace into it with gdb. You can compile the lib with -g, but that's not
enough: the source also needs to be where it was when the lib was compiled.

So... you could put the lib source tree in /usr/src, build the lib as normal
(i.e., into runtime and compiletime packages) and -also- build a -debug one.

Then, the user who wants to trace into the lib would install the three lib
pkgs and install-source the src of the lib. Presto, the user can now gdb
into the lib code.

Hmm, seems to me it might then be reasonable to have deplike relations 
between binary packages and src installs... the -debug version of a lib
needs the lib src to be useful, and a src has build requirements...

Do we have both of these now?


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