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Re: woody & HP laserjet 6l

Torsten Landschoff wrote:

Hi Torsten,

> Are you using the gs-aladdin package for Ghostscript? In that case I
> might be the culprit. I uploaded version 6.01 a few days before. No 
> problems on my system but I had to completely redo the package because
> of upstream changes...
> Can you try to run gs with the same parameters as used in
> /etc/magicfilter/ljet4l-filter and check if the result is printed correctly
> if sent directly to the printer port? In that case the problem lies 
> somewhere else but I have the bad feeling that I broke something.

well, i wasn't using gs-aladdin, but when i was catting the file to the
device, it still wasn't receiving data sometimes. it ended up being a
defective printer cable....one that i've been using for 4 years. I
should have thought of trying this earlier. Thank you for the

i guess it just goes to show how solid unstable debian packages are.
sorry for all the trouble ( my turn to say sorry :-)



Ajit Krishnan
gpg key B44D03FD

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