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woody & HP laserjet 6l


Well, it looks like sometime recently the ljet4l filters stopped working
for me. i have a fully up to date woody system. using other filters get
me distorted output. if i use the ljet4l filters, the printing slave
parses the file, but the printer never receives any data. There is
nothing in the error logs, and the accouting logs show that it has
terminated. I've tried running lpr -D5. The resulting output seems ok,
but I don't have a clue what i should be looking for.

can someone who has a HP lj6L confirm/deny if they have the problem so
that I can find out if its a local issue? I'm using lprng & magicfilter
and a standard .ps file that i've printed using the same setup about 4
months back.



Ajit Krishnan
gpg key B44D03FD

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