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Re: woody & HP laserjet 6l

Hi Ajit, 

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 03:49:56PM -0400, Ajit Krishnan wrote:
> Well, it looks like sometime recently the ljet4l filters stopped working
> for me. i have a fully up to date woody system. using other filters get
> me distorted output. if i use the ljet4l filters, the printing slave
> parses the file, but the printer never receives any data. There is

Are you using the gs-aladdin package for Ghostscript? In that case I
might be the culprit. I uploaded version 6.01 a few days before. No 
problems on my system but I had to completely redo the package because
of upstream changes...

> can someone who has a HP lj6L confirm/deny if they have the problem so
> that I can find out if its a local issue? I'm using lprng & magicfilter
> and a standard .ps file that i've printed using the same setup about 4
> months back.

Can you try to run gs with the same parameters as used in
/etc/magicfilter/ljet4l-filter and check if the result is printed correctly
if sent directly to the printer port? In that case the problem lies 
somewhere else but I have the bad feeling that I broke something.



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