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Re: Package conflicts outside of Extra

On Wed, Jun 14, 2000 at 11:10:52PM -0400, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
>> Package: libc6
>> Conflicts: libc5 (<< 5.4.33-7), libpthread0 (<< 0.7-10), timezone, timezones,
>> libwcsmbs, libc6-doc, libtricks, apt (<< 0.3.0), libglib1.2 (<< 1.2.1-2),
>> libc6-bin, gconv-modules
>> according to you, apt and libglib1.2 should go to extra, right?
> No, the relevant question is the particular release.
> There is no release which has this libc and such an early apt or
> libglib.  

Exactly: you ought to be able to just select everything but extra packages
and install them. No conflicts to resolve. No missing dependencies.

They should probably all work too, so it might be worth thinking about
moving things like gphoto (which needs a digital camera to be useful)
to extra too.

The idea presumably being that optional should be thought of as a whole
bunch of things that a newbie might find worth browsing, and that extra
is all the stuff that is just an alternative way of doing the same thing
(postfix vs exim), or are otherwise odd and usually unnecessary. As opposed
to current practice which is more "everything's optional".


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